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Physical Medicine - Rockford, IL

At Rockford Pain Management, our physical medicine team is committed to delivering the best in patient-centered treatment. Our rehabilitation professionals deliver custom, one-on-one treatment so that they can treat your underlying condition in order to relieve your pain effectively and ensure that you live a long term pain-free life. 
There are a number of physical conditions that can make performing even the most basic of daily tasks difficult. With physical medicine, you will not only eliminate your pain but restore physical functions and improve your range of motions. The goal with therapy is to treat your loss of mobility or physical impairment and allow your life to return to

Physical therapy encompasses of wide variety of methods, including stretching and strength training in addition to ice, heat, water, and electrical stimulation. Your physical therapy doesn't end when your appointment is over; our physical therapists can also work with you to develop exercises or treatments you can use at home to enhance your

We believe in being a partner in your health care. For this reason, our physicians will explain your diagnosis and treatment plan in detail so you fully understand your condition. If you have questions about any aspect of physical therapy, we are more than happy to answer them.

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