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Headache Center - Rockford, IL

Our Headache Center provides a treatment program designed to cure headaches, facial pain, and head pain. The program is made up of two parts. 

The first stage of treatment stops the reaction of the nervous system and alleviates the headache pain.  This is referred to as the medical component. 

The second stage of the program treats and rehabilitates the underlying condition, which is the physical component. These two combined can effectively eliminate the conditions causing your headache or face pain. These two components work together to provide long-term headache relief.

How to Cure Headaches & Migraines: MEDICAL COMPONENT

The medical component uses clinical testing to make sure you qualify for the treatment. The data collected also helps identify obvious triggers of the headaches.

Most patients qualify for the procedure and are treated during the first visit.

After the initial exam and free consultation, the doctor will prepare you for the procedure to quickly alleviates your headache. The procedure targets a nerve cluster within the nasal cavity called the sphenopalatine ganglion. By using a specialized FDA cleared nasal applicator to deliver medication directly to this nerve cluster headache pain is nearly eliminated instantaneously. Many patients go from a pain rating of 8 to a pain rating of 2 in seconds. (Numeric Rating Scale (NRS-11))

How to Cure Headaches & Migraines: PHYSICAL COMPONENT

The physical component of the Headache Program will evaluate the diagnostic test results, and your feedback to find biomechanical imbalances, or other physiological conditions to be addressed for long-term headache pain relief.  These are commonly referred to as triggers.

This could include but not limited to, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, corrective ergonomic recommendations, manual therapy, diet modifications, and stress management therapy.


Headache relief will only be long term if the patient follows the entire program.   
Some patients can sustain long-term headache relief after just 1 treatment; however the chance of a re-occurring headache or face pain episodes is much greater if the physical component is ignored.  For those that have experienced chronic migraines or headaches for years may require additional treatments.

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